Marimba & Xylophone Grips

Stick Gripps Marimba & Xylophone Grips patented adaptive technology are more durable than drumstick tape, and provide a better feel when you play. The Stick Gripps Marimba & Xylophone Grips significantly reduces Marimba & Xylophone stick slippage or drops.  

Marimba & Xylophone Grip kit includes our silicone rings and sleeves which provide a multitude of options to customize your grip to your personal profile. 

Marimba & Xylophone Grip silicone rings and sleeves are  non-adhesive, so you don't need to worry about sticky residue damaging your sticks. 

Easy Installation: 1. Roll ring over the tip of stick to desired position, typically the fulcrum position 2. Slide grip sleeve over your ring and stick 3. Use a 1500 Watt heat gun (recommended) or boiling water in a 1.5L kettle, apply heat with heat gun evenly to the set sleeve or pour boiling water over the grip sleeve for a perfect custom fit to your Marimba & Xylophone sticks.